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  MF  BIRLA SUN LIFE EQUITY FUND-G     721.08    (-3.3)       FRANKLIN INDIA FLEXI CAP FUND-G     80.7065    (-0.2084)       FRANKLIN INDIA HIGH GROWTH COMPANIES FUND-G     38.556    (-0.1151)       IDFC PREMIER EQUITY FUND - REGULAR PLAN-G     94.14    (-0.76)       IDFC STERLING EQUITY FUND - REGULAR PLAN-G     52.95    (-0.32)       RELIANCE GROWTH FUND-G     1092.8173    (-6.8755)       RELIANCE REGULAR SAVINGS FUND - EQUITY OPTION-G     72.7352    (-0.1809)       SBI CONTRA FUND-G     109.5441    (-0.5369)       SUNDARAM SELECT MIDCAP FUND - REGULAR PLAN-G     478.7561    (-3.9318)       TATA EQUITY PE FUND - PLAN A-G     138.1265    (-0.5623)      
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The Indian economy is booming. So can you, if you invest in the right companies. But with so many IPOs to choose from, how does one decide? Big questions that get answered in few simple steps.

The first step program is made especially for beginners. It teaches you with step-by-step demos. From the very beginning, up to when you’re ready to do your first trade. Investor Point with its years of experience will help you through each step. From the right tools to the right information. it will simplify financial jargons like Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Public Issues, Listings and so on. So that you know exactly when, where, and how much to invest.

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